Diversity Stories

Diversity Stories

Yesterday I want to buy an ice cream, shocked when seller told me the price, (3$) 1000 tomans becuase I bought it one week before in half price, I told her. I remember when that was only 3 cents. Living in region with fast forwarded narratives and events is complicated by all means and I want to share it with you. These changes are not only economic but also are about all angles of our lives. In one week US invaded both Iraq and Afqanestan, and my country maybe was the next, but I want to tell you, we were not even stressed. And this is the other side of story.

We are terrifying when think about war, because we touch it and faced it for eight years in war with Iraq, only 2 decades from now. But when President Obama saying “all options are on the table”  we wouldn’t take it seriously. Can you imagine the Diversity?

In entire life, I didn’t judge Westerns’ life styles and you don’t judge ours! Everyday I read your side of story through your   fabulous and enormous medias and publications, and sometimes you read our! BTW in Siavashon we try to telling our side of story.

نظر دهید !!!

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  1. The guiding question of the conference was how cultural diversity can inform learning about the past, in order to stimulate individual reflection in the present. A broad range of themes linked to this question were debated by scholars, educators, museum professionals, representatives from NGOs and cultural institutions.

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