Who’s happy? who’s Not? #IranNuclearDeal

Who’s happy? who’s Not? #IranNuclearDeal

These days nuclear deal between Iran and world’s six powers is most debated subject. Some defense it hardly and some criticize it badly. My people are happy with agreement, of course mostly, and celebrated last night. Journalists who cover negotiation from Vienna are also happy, because they could go home and change cloths after weeks. One of them twitted: every things can be OK but I am running out of cloths. But I think hotel Coborge’s owner cannot be happy, most effective propaganda about it’s fascinated hotel is finished or maybe he is happy now, after almost one month advertising it’s now the time he could start selling rooms and can told this is Zarif’s room who mostly lost half of his hear here!

DEMs are happy and REPs are not? No, I think war lords are furious and business mans are so happy, therefor Netanyahu and his crow are disappointed. he said: This Deal Gives Iran A Path To A Nuclear Arsenal, but he didn’t mention where is their nuclear arsenal. From the other side Saudi media attack Iran deal as assault on Arab interests and Riyadh’s official reaction to the deal was a terse statement that welcomed any agreement that would ensure Iran could not develop a nuclear arsenal, but stressed the importance of tough inspections and the ability to reimpose sanctions quickly.

Putin told his men, be ready we should be first and Fabious after lots of foul play told news that he invited to Tehran. German’s FM told Israelis keep quit! And Obama have been told table is clean and nothing on it! Carry’s family honestly I don’t know! But I think he is happy now because he couldn’t understand Austrian physiologist telling him not to walk with his leg, then walk with what?

Iran’s stressful PM’s situation is not clear but I think, they are thinking about their next occupation. Rouhani, Iranian President, is to happy. I received a text ten minutes after deal “Rouhani’s wife to Obama’s wife: this weekend you’ll come or us?” I hope this happiness be long! and that sadness be longer!

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